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AC Filters, Furnace Filters, HVAC Filters for Home and Business


“Keeping the filter clean can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5 to 15%.”
- U.S. Department of Energy

FilterClub® offers easy online ordering of ac filters, furnace filters, and hvac air filters starting
AS LOW AS $5.99 including FREE SHIPPING and man hard to find ac filter and furnace filter sizes.

SAVE ENERGY & PROTECT YOUR SYSTEM - The most important thing you can do to ensure the efficiency and life of your air conditioner or furnace is to routinely replace its air filters. Dirty and clogged air filters block normal air flow reducing a system’s efficiency significantly and putting strain on the system that can reduce its life span and result in costly repairs or replacement.

FIGHT ALLERGIES - Whether you’re main concern is pollen, pet dander, odor, smoke particles, dust, or all of the above, we offer a filter to meet all air filtration needs.  Our PuraFilter™ air filters utilize Kimberly-Clark’s Intrepid® Filtration Media to achieve good micro particle reduction capabilities and high air flow capacity.  Through a proprietary process, Microban® and OGuard™ are built-in to our DuPont™ Silver and DuPont™ Gold filters to provide an added level of protection against contaminants that may adversely affect filter performance.

QUALITY AIR FILTERS & MANY SIZES - FilterClub® offers quality pleated air filters from DuPont™, PuraFilter™, and TrueBlue™ for air conditioning, AC, furnace, and HVAC systems available in MERV 7, MERV 8, MERV 10, and MERV 11 ratings including MANY HARD TO FIND SIZES.  All of our air filters have wedge designed pleats, expanded metal reinforcement, and are built to last.

The FilterClub® SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE - The FilterClub® subscription service provides a STORE & FORWARD subscription service for DuPont™ air filters for air conditioning, AC, HVAC, or furnace systems automatically delivered to your home or business on a schedule you subscribe to.

When ordering make sure to select the right size pleated air filters from our SIZE OPTIONS for EACH of the air filters you need to replace.  We suggest you write down the SIZES of all air filters you need (Usually one filter for each HVAC, furnace, air conditioning, AC system, but some may use multiple air filters). If you are having trouble finding the size air filters you need from DuPont™, PuraFilter™, TrueBlue™ please see our FILTER SIZE GUIDE.